2013. november 25., hétfő

Show -quality Sealyham terrier male puppy still available

 Willow of Kindergarten Junior Europa Winner 2012, Austrian Junior CH. Hungaria Junior CH & Bushaway Back to Back HCH, HJCH. Austrian Junior CH, Ch.Macedonia, Ch.Montenegro, Moldavian, Ch. Bulgaria 
( both parents PLL Clear and Patella luxation -0- Normal)

Borned : 05.10.2013 


2013. október 13., vasárnap

Hunting dogs

We are very proud! Both dogs doing hunting test ( FSMP).
Oliver breeder by me, and Abria breeder Petra.
Oliver's father Burton, and Abria's father Gino ( Occhi Ardenti of K.)
They are not only beautiful and well in the show ring. They are perfect for hunting dogs!

Many thanks to Petra Jakubcová!!

2013. május 18., szombat

WDS videó 2013.05.16.

Legolas of Kindergarten Junior class: Excellent 4.


Bushaway Back to Back Champion class : Excellent


2013. május 10., péntek

2013. május 9., csütörtök

Very promising male!

  Available show-quality sealyham terrier male puppy!

Bono Magsffora 6 months old

 Father : Interchampion Occhi Ardenti of Kindergarten
HCH. HJCH. Junior Europa Winner. Vice Word Winne   

Mother:  Interchampion Orinoko od Bobika
Champion Polski, Champion Rumunii, Champion Serbii, Młodzieżowy Champion Polski, Młodzieżowy Zwycięzca Klubu (Warszawa'08), Młodzieżowy Zwycięzca Europy (Budapeszt'08), 7 x CACIB, 11 x BOB.

+48 504-252-009
+48 (42) 227-90-65
e-mail: mag09lan@autograf.pl
95-030 Starowa Góra ul. Centralna 117

2013. május 2., csütörtök

Available female puppy!

Ch OLIVER CROMWELL of Kindergarten 

                                       Ch MELANIE Ross Cynopolis
                                born: 12.01.2013

2013. március 30., szombat

2013. március 24., vasárnap

Available female puppy!!

                                                       Fantaghiro available female puppy.
 Parents: Ch. Bushaway Back to Back X Junior EU Winner Willow of Kindergarten Both parents    
                                                                           PLL Clear!

2013. március 16., szombat

News from Slovakia

OLIVER CROMWELL of Kindergarten became
Champion of Slovakia
 and Reggaedog ABRIA V1,CAJC. her father mine Gino's.
I am a very proud "grandma"!!!

2013. március 4., hétfő

Fantastic weekend!!!!

I got the news from Poland and Spain.
It was a fantastic weekend:
"Gino" ( Occhi Ardenti of K.) is a new Champion of Poland!! Today he recived + ex1, CWC, CACIB, BOB!
and "Jane" ( Jane Austen of K.) in Spain, 3. Group in the Tineo Mountain Dog Show!!!!
Thank you so much!!! I am happy :-)

2013. március 3., vasárnap

Aragorn is still looking for a loving home



2013. február 25., hétfő

Happy Valentin's Day!

The Gaeloway / Kindergarten Kennels proudly presents three girls and two boys out of Willow of Kindergarten X Bushaway Back to Back!!! Both parents PLL Clear!

2013. február 23., szombat



1. Sir Lancelot Of Kindergarten, 78 p., owner Katriina Laitinen
2. Emily Bronte Of Kindergarten, 54 p., owner Sanni & Tomi Vahlstén
3. Eirian Des Sables Du Nord, 52 p., owner Carita & Harri Natunen
4. Six-Pack Snuffy Smith, 49 p., owner Tuomas Palonen
5. Six-Pack Saku, 41 p., ownerTeemu Pesonen
6. Six-Pack Skiing Around, 27 p., owner Carita 6 Harri Natunen
7. Six-Pack Spending Around, 21 p., owner Riina Pesonen
8. Dot and Dash Dwyn, 7 p., owner Merja Ålander & Mika Mäntynen

Sealyham terrier male- for sale

                         Show-quality male puppy available!

                                  Int.Ch. , Europa Junior Winner , Ch.Hu, Ch. SRB
                                              Occhi Ardenti of Kindergarten x 
                                    Int.Ch, Europa Junior Winner, Ch.Pl, Rom, Srb 
                                                          Orinoko od Bobika
The Gaeloway / Kindergarten Kennels proudly presents three girls and two boys out of Willow of Kindergarten X Bushaway Back to Back!!! Both parents PLL Clear!


       ICH. Pl.Ch. SrbCh. HCH. HJCH. Junior Europa Winner. 
                                Vice Word  Winner 
                 Occhi Ardenti of Kindergarten ( Gino)

Bushaway Back to Back  " Burton"  new results:

25.09.2010 Tulln ( judge: Cambell Janice) ex.1. JugendBester.
09.04.2011 WieselBurg ( judge: Urosevic Milivoje) ex.1 Jugendbester, BOB.
21.05.2011 Salzburg ( judge: Walter Berghauser ) ex1. CACA, CACIB, BOB. BOG 3.
 He has finished in the Austrian Junior Champion title.

Burton finished Ch.Macedonia, Ch.Montenegro,  Moldavian Ch.  Bulgaria Ch.  Hungaria Junior Ch.

09.07.2011 World Dog Show France    ( Juge : Mme PELISSIER Guilhème) ex.2.
08.07.2011 Championat at the France  ( Judge:  Mme Clark Connie, USA ) exc. 1, CACS, Best Dog, BOB.

 Szilvásvárad Hungária Terrier Klub Show 23.04.2011
Bushaway Back to Back " Burton" Junior Club Winner, BOB. B.I.S. ( judge: Rafael de Santiago PR.)

Szilvásvárad International Dog Show 24.04.2011
Bushaway Back to Back " Burton" Junior Winner, ( judge: Dr. Otto Schimpf A.)

Szilvásvárad Gundogshow 25.04.2011
Bushaway Back to Back " Burton" Junior Winner, BOB. ( judge: Harry O'Donoghue IRL.)
Junior res. B.I.S. ( Best Junior judge: Rafael de Santiago PR.)

27.08.2011 Debrecen CACIB Show: "Burton" EX1, CAC, CACIB. BOB.
27.08.2011 Debrecen Terrier Special Show : "Burton" EX1, CAC. BOB. BIS II.
28.08.2011.Debrecen CACIB Show: "Burton" EX1, CAC. CACIB. BOB.
Finished the Hungaria Champion title.

Champion címet elért kutyák 1996-2012 ig.

Champion címet elért kutyák 1996-2008 ig.
ICH. HCH. HJCH.Fluffy Boy of Kindergarten
ICH. ITCH.CrCh. Free Spirit of Kindergarten
ICH.HCH.HSCH.SkCH. HJCH. Gentle Woman of Kindergarten
HJCH. Ginger Breed of Kindergarten
ICH. HCH. Messenger of Kindergarten
HCH. HJCH. Sir Robin Hood of Kindergarten
ICH. HCH. HJCH. Ch. Macedonia. Ch.Montenegro  Princess Sissi of Kindergarten
ICH.HCH.HJCH. HSCH.  Bih.CH. Teacher's Pet of Kindergarten
HJCH. CzCH. SkCH.Tief of Heart of Kindergarten
ICH.HCH.Rus.JCh. Scarlett O'Hara of Kindergarten
ICH. Vice Word Winner. Ch.Szerbia, CH.Poland. HCH. HJCH. Junior Europa Winner  Occhi Ardenti of Kindergarten
HJCH. Vice Junior Europa Winner.  Il Principe Mezanotte of Kindergarten
Ch.San Marino.  Principessa da Favola of Kindergarten
S.CH. Sweet Magic of Kindergarten
 SpanJCH. Jane Austen of Kindergarten
Junior Europa Winner. Osztrák JCh. HJCH.Willow of Kindergarten  
BalticCh. Emily Bronte of Kindergarten
BALT JCH, Ltu JCH, Lv JCH & Ee JCH Willy Wonka of Kindergarten
Champion of Slovakia  OLIVER CROMWELL of Kindergarten