2015. július 11., szombat

Available female puppy

Miss Marple 5 weeks old ( available)


2015. július 8., szerda

Burton's son

I'm so proud! Lego is Res. King in Japan.
Good luck Ken Kurosawa ( Lego's owner)! You have done a great job with him!!

2015. július 3., péntek

Available two male puppy

Two cheerful boy looking for new home, for more informations : csmladoniczky@gmail.com

2015. június 24., szerda

We are now three weeks old!!!

The daddy "Burton" the mom "Panda"

2015. március 28., szombat

Stud Services

Stud Services are available with two Sealyham dogs
HCH. HJCH. Junior Europa Winner, Vice World Winner '09 Occhi Ardenti of Kindergarten (Gino)
HCH. HJCH. Ch.Macedonia, Ch.Montenegro, Moldavian Ch. Bulgaria Ch Bushaway Back to Back (Burton)
Both dogs PLL Clear and Patella luxation -Normal- 0.


2015. január 16., péntek

Planned litters in 2015

We are planning to mate in spring Evita. The daddy will be my homebreed Jun.Eu Winner, Vice World Winner Gino.
Both parents PLL Clear and Patella Luxation -0- normal.

CAC. CACIB. BOB. Bussy Buddy's Evita Pepperoni X HJCH. HCH. PL.Ch. Srb.CH. Jun.EuW.2008 Vice World Winner 2009. Occhi Ardenti of Kindergarten

and we are planning to mate Willow. The daddy will be Int.Ch, Multi Ch. Amilcar.
Both parents PLL Clear.

Jun. Eu.Winner, Ro.J.Ch. HJCH. Willow of Kindergarten X Multi.Ch. ICH. Vinevally's Amilcar

2015. január 4., vasárnap

Happy New Year!

Don't weep for yesterday, it is over.
Smile for your heart, for God has given you a brand new year.
Make the most of it!
Happy New Year!!!